Whitewash Dish Planter

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This beautiful planter is meticulously crafted using terracotta and bring in a wave of rustic charm and authenticity that’s simply impossible to resist.

Drawing inspiration from olden-day designs, these plant pots are buried in earth to achieve an attractively aged and unique feel. With their whitestone hue, they project a refreshing vibe and can blend in beautifully with all sorts of garden themes. The unique texture of each pot sets them apart and elevates their visual appeal to an even higher level.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or just venturing into the exciting world of plants, this set is sure to take your gardening game up by several notches. Unleash your creativity, fill these pots with colourful flowers or verdant green plants, and lend your green space a whole new dimension of beauty.

Each pot is unique, their small disparities make them one of a kind. Just like in nature, perfection lies in imperfection. So let this set of four Whitestone Terracotta Plant Pots make your garden or indoor space, a corner of beauty and serenity.

Note: Given the aging finish and terracotta construction, slight variations in colour and texture can be expected – each piece is unique and adds to the charm

Measures 25 cm x 9 cm 

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